Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)

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What is VITA?

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) is a national program staffed by local volunteers to provide free preparation and electronic filing of tax returns. It’s an important service to thousands of individuals and families in Racine County with low-to-moderate incomes who are eligible for tax credits. Our IRS-certified volunteers help to take the stress and confusion out of tax season and save clients on average $200 per tax return.

You may qualify for VITA services if:

  • You do not file Married Filing Separate.
  • You do not have rental or farm income.
  • You do not file a return for a state other than Wisconsin.

Taxpayers have a choice of services: in-person full-service at one of our three weekly sites, in-person drop-off at our weekly drop-off site, or 100% virtual. All in-person services require an appointment. We offer appointments for clients requiring services in Spanish as well as for clients filing only for Wisconsin Homestead. Please choose the service that works best for you.


All in-person appointments are full for the remainder of the season - after season options will be posted soon


Other filing options still available

GetYourRefund allows you to submit your tax information securely online to our local volunteers. Our volunteers will then interview you by phone and complete your tax return for you. You will receive an electronic copy of your finished return to review and electronically sign before we e-file for you.

MyFreeTaxes allows taxpayers access to FREE TaxSlayer software to prepare and file their own federal and state returns for free. This is a great option for clients who typically pay for software to file on their own taxes or are out of scope for the VITA program. You can also CLICK HERE to request your link for free DIY TaxSlayer software.


Who qualifies?

VITA services a variety of taxpayers. The service that fits your needs best, depends on your household income and tax situation. See below for a listing of services and the type of client each service fits best.















EITC is a refundable credit – that means if you qualify and claim it, you could pay less in taxes or get a bigger #IRS refund. Check for eligibility today at www.irs.gov/eitcassistant.

How It Works

What You Need

Use this calculator to find out:

  • If you're eligible for the EITC
  • If you have any qualifying children or relatives
  • The estimated amount of your credit
  • Your filing status


  • Income statements such as W-2s, 1099s  
  • Documents showing taxes withheld or money paid to you 
  • Any expenses or adjustments to your income


Two Case High School students preparing a tax return for a client.

All VITA appointments are booked for the season. Please see above for after season assistance options.

In-person appointments are available for full-service tax assistance for federal and state returns, including Homestead only returns. In order to implement safe social distancing, clients may be asked to wait in a separate room while their taxes are prepared.

This service is for clients who: 

  • Have an annual income of $64,000 or less
  • Are filing more than just the current tax year
    • Preparation available for 2018 through current tax year.
  • Prefer to have everything completed in an hour
  • Need extra assistance throughout the return process
  • Do not have access to a smartphone, tablet or computer to complete the virtual option
  • Are not comfortable with the virtual process

We cannot file returns with the following items due to it being out of scope for the VITA program:

  • Married Filing Separate returns 
  • Returns with landlord/rental income
  • Returns with buying or selling of cyber currency
  • Business returns (with employees, use of home as an office, inventory/stock). We can prepare simple self-employment returns.
  • State returns other than Wisconsin and non-resident Illinois returns


Trifold with welcome information for the VITA site.

All VITA appointments are booked for the season. Please see above for after season assistance options.

30 minute in-person drop-off appointments are available for tax assistance. All intake paperwork will be completed in-person and client tax documents will be collected by a VITA team member. Tax preparation will be completed by our team of certified and vetted volunteer preparers within one week. Clients will have the option to review and sign their documents electronically or in-person once the return is completed.

For clients who:

  • Are not filing Married Filing Separate (legally married but filing separately from their spouse)
  • Do not have rental or farm income
  • Have an annual income of $64,000 or less
  • Are filing more than just the current tax year
  • Have limited time to sit for a full-service appointment
  • Need assistance with the GetYourRefund virtual option
  • Are comfortable communicating with your tax preparer by email or text
  • Are ok waiting up to a week for the return to be complete

A cell phone showing the GetYourRefund home page.

Virtual VITA - CLICK HERE to submit your information online to our local volunteers. Available through July 25, 2024. 

Virtual VITA utilizes GetYourRefund to collect and securely store taxpayer information and documents. Taxpayers will create an account and answer a series of questions. The information will be reviewed, and the taxpayer will be contacted by a member of our virtual VITA team to review the information before the volunteer prepares the tax return. The process can take up to a week to complete once we receive all the necessary documents.

  • 100% virtual for your safety and convenience
  • Our virtual tax team will prepare your return for you
  • Easy to submit from a smart phone, tablet or computer
  • For taxpayers with an income of $66,000 or less
  • VITA cannot prepare returns that are Married Filing Separate or contain rental or farm income
  • Our program only prepares state returns for Wisconsin
  • Preparation available for tax years 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023
  • You will be required to interview by phone with a volunteer tax preparer
  • Return will be reviewed over the phone and electronically signed
  • Click above to start the process, answer a series of questions and securely send pictures of your documents to the United Way of Racine County VITA program


Photo of hands working on the computer.

CLICK HERE to request your link for free DIY TaxSlayer software.

If you want to file your own taxes, click above to receive a link to create your account with TaxSlayer to utilize our free tax software. If you used MyFreeTaxes last year, you will want to use that again this year instead of requesting the link.

Click above to start your return now using our free TaxSlayer software.

  • Income limit of $79,000
  • No form restrictions
  • 2023 Software
  • Certified volunteers available to answer your tax questions via email
  • Does not allow "state only" returns

This is the right option for you if:

  • Your return is out of scope for VITA
  • You file Married Filing Separate
  • You have cyber currency
  • You have rental income (landlord income)
  • You are only filing for the current tax year
  • You are filing a state return other than Wisconsin
  • You are comfortable using online tax services
  • You have done your own taxes in the past but want a more affordable (FREE) option
  • Your tax situation is simple/straight forward
  • You need a quick option



Any questions written on a chalk board

Have a question? Click here to visit our FAQs.

Answers to many of our commonly asked questions can be found here. If you cannot find your answer, email us at taxhelp@unitedwayracine.org

See the video below to learn more about the impact of VITA.



Want to support VITA? Your tax-deductible donation provides training, resources and support so VITA volunteers can support as many local taxpayers as possible.

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