Board of Directors

2023-24 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Brian Agen (Chair and Vice-Chair, Human Resources)
Ralph Malicki (Immediate Past Chair)
Linda Hoover (Treasurer and Vice-Chair, Finance)
Dave Durment (Vice-Chair, Community Investment)
Matt Montemurro (Vice-Chair, Nominating)
Ali Haigh (Secretary)

Vice Chairs at Large

Keith Cruise
Chris Antonneau

Members at Large

Darryl Babu
Jonathan Delagrave
Hector Diaz
Jason Greenwood
Scott Herrmann
Willie Jude II
Lisa Just
Kimberly Kane
Tom King
Jim Ladwig
John Mahome Jr.
Becky McClelland
Kristin McManmon
Laura Million
Kelly Mould
Patricia Penman
Julie Podoba
Ernest Ni'A
Cory Sebastian
Stephanie Sklba
Ashley Staeck
Stacy Tapp