Youth As Resources




Youth As Resources (YAR) empowers young people to make a positive difference in Racine County through grant making and community service. 

What is Youth As Resources (YAR)?
YAR is a United Way education program that provides grants to fund youth-designed, youth-led community service and service learning projects.

Who can apply for a YAR grant?
Any group of youth (up to age 24) from community organizations, religious communities, schools, classrooms, clubs, service groups, and other nonprofit organizations may apply for a YAR grant up to and including $1,000. The Apply for a YAR Grant page explains the grant request guidelines in detail. 

What kinds of projects does YAR fund?
YAR projects feature youth as planners and volunteers and creatively address specific community needs or problems, such as environmental, social, educational and cultural awareness issues. Check out the Funded YAR Projects page to see examples of YAR projects. 

The purpose and function of Youth As Resources is to:
  • Provide funding for supplies needed to complete youth-led community service projects
  • Promote youth as capable community contributors who have valuable ideas and are able to take on responsibilities with energy and skill
  • Empower youth to develop and apply their capacity to transform themselves and the world in which they live through active participation in the relationships, events and institutions that impact their lives
  • Foster youth/adult partnerships where adults play a significant role as respectful partners and where both youth and adults share power and decision making
  • Promote the direct involvement of youth in their communities as productive workers, as change agents, and as advocates for themselves and others in organizations and institutions throughout the community
  • Promote in youth the development and acquisition of new knowledge and skills by providing support and challenging opportunities

For more information, please read the Youth as Resources flyer or contact Ana Sanchez at 262-898-2249.