Walking School Bus

What is a Walking School Bus? 

A girl smiles at the camera as she walks into a crosswalkThe Walking School Bus (WSB) is a partnership between United Way of Racine County and Racine Unified School District offering students a safe and fun way to walk to school with adult supervision. Each "bus" walks along a predetermined route with two adult leaders making various stops along the way to pick up children near their homes and walk them to school. 

Become a Walking School Bus volunteer 

We are seeking volunteers interested in supporting student walking routes to school at Julian Thomas Elementary and Knapp Elementary. Each route will have two adults and you may be required to walk up to two miles. Volunteers can sign up from as little, to as many routes as they would like - once a month is preferred. All volunteers will be trained ahead of time.  All volunteers must be complete a background check approved through the United Way of Racine County. It's a great way to get your steps in, while helping our young people get to school in a safe and fun way!

Questions may be directed to walking school bus coordinator Stuart Wood


   Why Volunteer?

  • Ensuring students get to school safely lowers the risk of truancy for students and increases attendance.
  • Walking students to school takes the burden of school drop off and pick up off of families who may have conflicting schedules.
  • Volunteers form positive relationships with students and create positive change in their communities.
  • Walking is a great form of exercise for volunteers and students! 

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