Youth As Resources (YAR) Grant Application

Project Overview

Three deadlines for YAR application: October 21, 2022, January 20, 2023 and March 17, 2023.

Youth Contact Information

Because Youth As Resources (YAR) funds youth-implemented community service projects, all correspondence will be sent to the youth contact person. The youth content person is responsible for informing the group of all correspondence received from Youth As Resources.

Youth contact address

Adult Contact Information

The adult contact person is responsible for supervising the youth in the implementation of the project.

Adult contact address

Sponsoring Organization

The sponsoring organization will receive the check if the project is funded. The sponsoring organization is required to:

  • Assume all liability associated with the project.
  • Demonstrate proof of IRS determination of non-profit status.
  • Confirm Counterterrorism Compliance
  • Receive and disburse the grant award funds on behalf of the youth group.
Sponsoring organization mailing address
Is the sponsoring organization eligible to receive charitable contributions as described in section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code?
Group Information

YAR grants are awarded to projects that:

  • Are planned, led and implemented by youth with adults serving as advisors.
  • Can be started and finished by the same group of youth in a reasonable amount of time.
Tell us all of the things that make your group amazing. How long have you been together? How was your group formed? What other activities does your group do? What are your group's goals? Why do people join your group? If your group is part of a larger organization, explain how you fit in, but focus mostly on your local group.

Indicate the number of group members who will actively perform community service through this project. (If a category has zero members, please enter zero)

Project Information - Community Need

YAR grants are awarded to projects that:

  • Address a community need or problem clearly and creatively.
Summarize your project in four to five sentences. Imagine you are on an elevator with someone who is interested in your project. You only have a few seconds to explain your project idea! What would you say? Your summary should include your goal/what you hope to accomplish and how you will do it. 
All YAR-funded projects must address a specific community need or problem. Examples of community needs/problems include environmental, social, educational and cultural awareness issues. If your project will only benefit members of your group, it likely will not qualify for funding. 
Project Information - Project Details

YAR grants are awarded to projects that:

  • Have solid, well-organized plans and a realistic, cost-effective budget.
Is your project a one-time event or on-going?
Project Information - Community Impact

YAR grants are awarded to projects that:

  • Address a community need or problem clearly and creatively. 
Your measure of success is indicated by the results of your measurement tool. Describe the results that you expect to have. For example, if your measurement tool is a survey, how many responses do you want to collect and how many will show a change in knowledge, behavior, etc.? If your measurement tool is an interview, what type of responses will demonstrate your success?
How will you measure the success of the project?
Project Information - Community Networking and Project Publicity

YAR grants are awarded to projects that:

  • Create and utilize networks within the community through the donation of services, talents and materials.
  • Publicize the positive work done by youth to improve Racine County.
Suggested methods include: Using United Way and YAR logos on project materials; Inviting YAR board members to your project event (if applicable); Recognizing United Way and YAR in publicity materials. 

United Way will provide the appropriate logos and directions for their accepted use to all funded projects. Materials using the logos should be approved by United Way staff prior to their use.
Youth Leadership

YAR grants are awarded to projects that:

  • Are planned, led and implemented by youth with adults serving as advisors.
Project Summary

Applications must have same request narrative and budget information to be considered for funding. 

  • All fund requests are required to submit a complete and detailed budget and budget narrative.
  • Budget details should include quantities, unit cost and calcuations.
  • Complet the YAR Budget Template.

Youth contact information
If yes, list the amount received and the source.
If no, state not applicable (n/a.)
A reflection project is mandatory. The costs to cover the materials for the reflection project do not need to be covered by the YAR grant. Please let us know how you will be covering the cost of the materials for the reflection project if the YAR grant will not be used.
  • Up to $35 dollars of your requested budget can be used for materials needed to complete your reflection project such as photo developing, stickers, embellishments, etc.