YAR End of Project Report

YAR Report Out

A project summary report:
  • Documents the implementation and completion of the project.
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of the project, including number of people served. 
  • Reports and documents how the YAR funds were spent.

YAR Project Reflection

In addition to reporting questions all funded YAR projects must submit a project reflection. A project reflection includes photos, illustrations, narratives, personal stories, etc. and allows the youth to:
  • All groups funded by Youth As Resources are required to complete and submit a reflection. A reflection documents the project from start to finish. The reflection can be a scrapbook, PowerPoint, video, or other creative form that shares the story of what was done and learned.
  • If choosing to do a scrapbook, YAR will provide the funded group with a blank book. The book contains twenty-four 9.25" x 11.25" pages, but not all pages need to be filled. Reflection books have traditionally held 20-30 photos. 
  • Reflect upon:
    • What they learned about the community.
    • How they grew personally.

YAR Reporting Questions

All unused or in appropriately unused funds must be returned to United Way.
Please fill in the following information for the age levels provided.
Fill in the number of volunteers (individuals providing services) that were...

Project Information

If your project was a one-time event and/or had a limit on people able to be served, tell us the number of people that directly benefitted or received services from your project. If the project will continue to serve people in the future, tell us the number of people that will be served per year.
Questions Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree

Project Budget

    • Amount budgeted in project costs
    • Amount spent in project costs
    • Amount budgeted in reflection costs
    • Amount spent in reflection costs
    • Total project budget
    • Total project amount spent 

How could the YAR grant process be improved?