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Rosalie Daca Inspired to Give Back to Students

Live United Spotlight

Rosalie Daca, RUSD's chief academic officer

In belated celebration of National Volunteer Week, we’d like to highlight one of our most supportive, involved United Way volunteers: Rosalie Daca. Rosalie Rosalie Daca is Racine Unified School District’s chief academic officer, a member of the board of Girls Inc, and co-chair of the Schools of Hope leadership council. She firmly believes in going above and beyond to support the community she works for, which is why she volunteers for United Way as a VITA volunteer and a Schools of Hope tutor.


Can you share a bit about your experience as one of United Way’s Schools of Hope tutors? What is it like to work with the students?

I have been a Schools of Hope volunteer at North Park Elementary for the last five years. I have worked with three different teachers over the years, who have all been very welcoming and supportive of the program. When I go to the school, the staff makes me feel welcome and like a part of the school.

The students are always the bright spot. I look forward to seeing them each week. When I get to the classroom and see they are excited I am there, I feel good about the work. Seeing those smiling faces each week warms my heart. 

Oftentimes, administrators become far removed from the classroom and the schools. Being a part of Schools of Hope helps remind me why we do what we do.


How have you noticed the sessions affecting your students over time? Can you share a story of a moment when this role felt particularly rewarding?

The growth I see in the students each year is amazing. Watching them grow from the lower-level books to books closer to and at their grade levels is fantastic.

The teachers at North Park are doing great things, and it is evident when I work with the students. I see the students using the skills and tools taught to them to make sense of what they are reading. Recently, one of my students made a connection between two books on a level I did not expect. During our discussion, she raised her arm and said, "I love reading!" Seeing the true joy in her eyes to be able to read a book she enjoyed made my day. 


What inspired you to volunteer as a tutor and later to join the Schools of Hope leadership council? How long have you been in these roles? Have you collaborated with United Way in any other capacity, and if so, what has that been like for you?

I volunteer whenever I can. I participate with other United Way events like the Day of Caring and the VITA program. There is great satisfaction in seeing how these programs positively impact our community. I enjoy being a part of an initiative that works for the greater good of others.

Serving on the SOH Leadership Council provides a platform to speak to the great work RUSD is doing around improving literacy. Networking with other to share how the SOH program helps students improve their literacy skills is exciting. 

United Way has always been a great supporter of RUSD, and we are proud to partner with them to give back to our community. Great things are happening in the District, and I am proud to share that with others. I encourage my team to join me in giving back to the community. Many are also Schools of Hope volunteers.

I was raised to understand the importance of giving back to the community and helping others. I believe karma comes back to you. What you give, you receive.