Impact Stories: Health

Photo of Will Anderson holding a piece of paper that says "LIVE UNITED."

Will Anderson is an 11-year-old boy diagnosed with Congenital Cerebellar Hypoplasia, or "small cerebellum." This causes motor skill and cognitive delays. For three years, Will has attended Camp Kinder, a youth summer camp organized through RADD that provides activities for disabled youth.

When Will’s mom, Julie, asks him about his experience with Camp Kinder, he has nothing but positive experiences to report. He enjoys participating in field trips to downtown Racine and finds the atmosphere fun and inclusive.

“Will, what do you think of your camp during the summer?”  Julie asks.

“Yes,” says Will.

“When you go out on field trips in public with your camp, do you get nervous or scared?”

“No,” says Will.

“Does being out in the city make you want to help other people?”

“Yes, yes, yes.”

“When you get older, would you want a job in downtown Racine?”

Will pauses to think, then replies, “Yes, yes, yes.”

UWRC provides funding to RADD to support programs like Camp Kinder, which gives disabled youth and adults opportunities to develop skills in daily living, socialization, health and wellness, fitness, independence, and community integration.