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Corey Radulovich Changes Community with Modine and United Way

Live United Spotlight 

Cory Radulovich, Modine's Employee campaign coordinator 


What do you do as Modine’s Employee Campaign Coordinator for United Way?

The ECC’s goal at Modine is to plan, promote and create an engaging campaign to attain employee involvement and participation in online donations, campaign events and volunteerism. The lead ECC works with a co-chair to promote the campaign, develop a target contribution goal, and support the ongoing activities of the campaign, which runs from September through November.

At the start of the campaign, the ECCs create a calendar of events which are planned, organized or supported by the United Way Committee in Racine. As several members have served on this committee for over 10 years, these dedicated individuals are committed to the campaign and offer unending support and assistance. Their loyalty has played a vital role in our continued success, and it is a pleasure to be a part of this team. In 2018 we sponsored 23 events, which were designed to be fun and appealing to employees, including: “The Family Feud,” “Bring Your Dog to Work,” a silent auction, a parking spot auction, a Halloween event, Bingo, bake sales, and a golf outing, to name a few. The events raised over $31,000, which is factored into the total employee contribution matched by Modine.

Overall, the ECCs are responsible for raising awareness, highlighting the impact United Way makes in the community, creating both engaging and exciting events that attract various interests, and illustrating why it is important for Modine employees to get involved.


What about United Way drives you to support our work?

What drives me to support United Way is their attention to the needs of the community. Their focus on building an educated workforce while staying committed to the health, education, and financial stability needs of the community is something I respect. Their drive to improve lives and transform the community is inspiring, and their ability to help fund nearly 40 area nonprofits, in addition to several of their own initiatives, is something I am pleased to support. Everyone I have worked with at United Way is transparent, genuine and passionate about their work, which has made my years on the Committee, and last two years as ECC, a greatly enjoyable experience.


What inspires you to be involved in supporting the Racine County community at large?

Throughout my life I have been inspired to get involved in organizations, committees and activities. Each involvement has created opportunities to help others and offer support for improvements. Although I am not a Racine resident, it is important for me to give back to the community that Modine is a part of. As Modine is committed to giving back and fostering an environment that demonstrates this, it is important for me as an employee to get involved and support this message. Furthermore, as continuous improvement is a key part of Modine’s daily routine, it is easy to be inspired to support another organization which is looking to do the same for the community.