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Ashley Conley Changes Lives for Women and Children

Live United Spotlight

Ashley Conley, Women United Executive Committee member

Ashley Conley is one of the executive committee members of Women United. Women United supports United Way's goal of building an educated workforce through the Brighter Future Fund, which provides grants to programs aiding the development of the workforces of today and tomorrow, with a focus on women and children. Women United's grant applications go live for 2019 in July.


What is it like to serve on the executive committee of Women United?

It’s inspiring to serve on a committee with a group of women who are passionate about the advancement of women and children in the Racine community. It’s gratifying to know the work we are doing to support these programs is positively impacting another woman or child in the community.


How do you help change lives for women and children in your role?

Through collaboration with the women in the executive committee, I’ve worked on projects for Women’s United events to raise money for the Brighter Future Fund. The funds raised through the events allowed us to provide seven grants so far for various nonprofit programs focused on women and children. Throughout the grant review process, I was able to select the programs that best support the community’s women and children who are truly in need. Hearing testimonies from the grant recipients affirms that the decisions made on the grants are truly making a positive impact on women and children in the Racine community.

When did you first decide to get involved with Women United and why?

I decided to join Women United when I was chairing a United Way campaign at my place of work. I’d read about the program and really liked the positive impact it was making in my community. When Ali Haigh reached out to me about joining the executive committee, I jumped at the opportunity because I believed in the goal of Women United.


What is one of your favorite parts about your work with Women United?

Listening to the testimonials from the grant receipts. Hearing those testimonies reaffirms what I am doing on the committee and why I am doing it. 


What do you enjoy about collaborating with United Way in general?

I love seeing the effective changes and significant impact on the community. United Way of Racine is action-oriented and truly drives results. Nothing makes you feel better than knowing the money you are donating is effectively impacting the purpose it is serving.