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2020 Relief Fund

United Way of Racine County (UWRC) has joined forces with Racine Community Foundation (RCF) to advocate for the needs of local Racine County social service agencies - with a focus of basic needs - who are currently receiving funding from UWRC and/or RCF. The fund has been established to provide flexible financial resources to 501(c)(3) organizations working with clients who are impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We are committed to a collaborative, strategic and nimble process based on the most current information available. We will apply the same level of diligence through this process as we do to all of our investments. 

  • Funding will be awarded at a minimum of $1,000 and max up to $5,000. Requests more than $5,000 will not be reviewed. 
  • The application needs to be in direct response to servicing individuals related to the COVID crisis and a reflection of how your program is responding to the COVID crisis.
  • Funds will be awarded on a non-discriminatory basis.
  • First come first serve.
  • A limit of one application per impact partner.
  • Funding will be dispersed within two weeks.
  • All awarded requests agrees to provide additional reporting on the COVID-19 support funding.
While the fund is not available to individuals, it will support local nonprofit organizations that are well experienced in providing local service and support. If you need assistance finding food, paying housing bills, accessing childcare, or other essential services, please call 2-1-1.
This request is only being utilized for funded partners of UWRC and/or RCF at this time.
Your organization website address
EIN is the IRS Employer Identification Number of your organization.
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Your organization website address
Fiscal agent IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN).
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Allowed file types: jpg jpeg png pdf doc docx odt ppt pptx xls xlsx zip.
Requests must address an immediate need directly related to the community impact of COVID-19. UWRC and RCF request that nonprofits organizations serving Racine County interested in funding complete a survey that is being monitored by multiple funders in an effort to assess current and long-term needs across our community. This will help to inform how grants are dispersed from the 2020 Relief Fund.
Be specific with dollar amount requesting.
Explain in details what funding will be used for and the actual dollar amount requested. Example, replenish pantry items, purchase cleaning supplies and so forth.
Explain in details the target population you will be serving? Example, characteristic of your target population (age range, families, individuals and so forth).
If you indicated other, please explain.
Please be sure to check both boxes below or your application will not be submitted successfully.
All applicants must read, agree to sign, and meet all provisions of the funded agreement and standards including compliance requirements. If organization is currently funded by UWRC or RCF, they must be in compliance with all policies and procedures at the time of submitting appropriate requests. A end of the program/project report is required of all awarded requests. Funding available for distribution by UWRC and RCF staff and volunteers.
This will confirm that the undersigned, having the sole right to do so, for good and valuable consideration (the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged), grants to United Way of Racine County and Racine Community Foundation, to include United Way Worldwide and its affiliated organizations, members, successors, assigns and licensees, a non-exclusive and irrevocable right to photograph, record, reproduce, publish, copyright, or otherwise use my name, photographic portraits or pictures, film, videos, internet postings, or sound recordings or any part thereof that may have been taken of me during United Way and Racine Community Foundation events and/or activities in written or electronic format, video or film (Content) for promotional, advertising, or other charitable purposes in any media including the world wide web related to the United Way and Racine County Foundation community impact activities. This also includes any tweets or messages through social media. We agree to list United Way of Racine County and Racine Community Foundation as a funding source on all forms of social media such as Facebook, twitter, etc. We agree to include the United Way of Racine County and Racine Community Foundation logos where applicable. We acknowledge and agree that nothing contained herein requires United Way and Racine Community Foundation to use any Content as described herein. I represent and warrant that the consent of no other third party is required to enable United Way and Racine Community Foundation to use the Content as described herein, and that such use will not violate or infringe upon the rights of any third parties. I acknowledge and agree that United Way and Racine Community Foundation has the right to assign this agreement and/or the rights herein (in whole or in part) to any party. I acknowledge that its sole remedy for any breach shall be an action for damages, and irrevocably waive any right to obtain equitable or injunctive relief. I waive any right of inspection, preapproval, or claims for compensation. This Consent and Release contains the full and complete understanding between the parties and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings pertaining hereto and cannot be modified except by a writing signed by each party.
After completing this request, click submit once. You will be taken to a confirmation screen. You will also immediately receive an auto-generated confirmation email. If you do not see a confirmation screen, your request has not been submitted. Look for an error message explains why your request has not been submitted, complete the missing information, and click "submit" again. Depending on your browser, the error message will appear at the top of the screen, or next to the field that is missing required information.