Schools of Hope Volunteer Tutor Application

We are currently accepting applications for 2017-18 tutors for Waller Elementary in Burlington ONLY.

If you would like to be a tutor at a Racine Unified school for the 2018-19 school year, please provide your contact information HERE.



During the 2017-18 school year, United Way of Racine County will partner with Racine Unified School District and Burlington Area School District to place Schools of Hope volunteer tutors in seven local elementary schools.

Participating schools and school start/end times

Note that not all schools will have students available at all times of the day. Every effort is made to accommodate volunteer scheduling preferences. 

Burlington Area School District
  • Waller Elementary - 8:15-3:20
    Tutoring at Waller will take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. All interested volunteers must be available to tutor during this time block.


Schools of Hope Volunteer Tutor Application

Please complete the information below to secure your spot as a 2017-18 Schools of Hope volunteer tutor.
  • New and returning tutors must complete this application to become a tutor for the 2017-18 school year. 
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Please be sure to check both boxes below or your application will not be submitted successfully.
I authorize the investigation of all statements contained herein and understand that any document relevant to this information may be reviewed by the agents of United Way of Racine County. I understand that I may not begin volunteering until the background investigation has been completed. If accepted as a volunteer, I understand that I will be expected to keep in absolute confidence any and all confidential information that comes to my attention as the direct result of my volunteer duties, including but not limited to, such things as information pertaining to a child, an entire class of children, and incidents. I certify that the answers given by me in this disclosure statement are complete, true, and correct without misrepresentations or omissions of any kind. I further understand that the making of any false or misleading statement or omission from or on this disclosure form, or any other document, will be used to deny me volunteer work, or if currently volunteering, used to terminate my volunteer status. I consider the request for disclosure of pending charges and convictions ongoing and will notify United Way of Racine County of any changes to the statements contained herein. I understand that United Way of Racine County shall not be held liable in any respect if my volunteering is terminated because of false of incomplete statements, answers or omissions made by me on the disclosure form of any other document. In consideration of United Way of Racine County’s review of the document, I hereby release United Way of Racine County, its Board, its agents, as well as all providers of information from any liability and for any damage which may result from the furnishing and receiving of information. A copy of this authorization and release is as valid as the original and should be recognized as such.
This will confirm that the undersigned, having the sole right to do so, for good and valuable consideration (the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged), grants to United Way of Racine County, to include United Way Worldwide and its affiliated organizations, members, successors, assigns and licensees, a non-exclusive and irrevocable right to photograph, record, reproduce, publish, copyright, or otherwise use my name, photographic portraits or pictures, film, videos, internet postings, or sound recordings or any part thereof that may have been taken of me during United Way events and/or activities in written or electronic format, video or film (Content) for promotional, advertising, or other charitable purposes in any media including the world wide web related to the United Way community impact activities. This also includes any tweets or messages through social media. I acknowledge and agree that nothing contained herein requires United Way to use any Content as described herein. I represent and warrant that the consent of no other third party is required to enable United Way to use the Content as described herein, and that such use will not violate or infringe upon the rights of any third parties. I acknowledge and agree that United Way has the right to assign this agreement and/or the rights herein (in whole or in part) to any party. I acknowledge that its sole remedy for any breach shall be an action for damages, and irrevocably waive any right to obtain equitable or injunctive relief. I waive any right of inspection, preapproval, or claims for compensation. I am of full age and have the right to contract in your own name and have read the above consent and permission and are fully aware of its contents. In the event I am a minor, the signature of a parent or legal guardian is required. I will contact United Way of Racine County to make further arrangements. This Consent and Release contains the full and complete understanding between the parties and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings pertaining hereto and cannot be modified except by a writing signed by each party.
After completing the application, click submit once. You will be taken to a confirmation screen. You will also immediately receive an auto-generated confirmation email. If you do not see a confirmation screen, your application has not been submitted. Look for an error message at the top of the page that explains why your application has not been submitted, complete the missing information, and click "submit" again.