Impact Stories: Education

A photo of Chiquita grinning widely.

Chiquita is a wonderful example of giving a hand up and giving back. Chiquita is a single mother who was worn out by her daily commute from Waukegan to Racine. She needed a job near her home and family—which she found at Knapp Elementary, the community school her two children attend.

Knapp, as a community school designed with the LIFT model, transformed Chiquita’s role into more than just a job. Chiquita discovered a new quality of life through Knapp’s amazing programs, provided in partnership with United Way. Through Knapp activities such as the FAST program, she and her family began to enjoy weekly dinners, parenting support, homework help, and quality time together. When her children attended student-specific programs on their own, Chiquita’s shortened commute gave her enough time to participate in evening classes to gain additional certifications.

Chiquita was empowered by the chance to build a stronger family and a stronger education. She now supports other local parents as a lead for a school parent group. Through this group she engages families and empowers them to advocate for their children’s education. She embodies the LIVE UNITED philosophy: United We Fight, United We Win.