Apply for a YAR Grant

GRANT DEADLINE for the 2021-22 school year

See below for the 2021-22 school year deadline.

Grant Request Guidelines

Any group of youth (up to age 21) from community organizations, religious communities, schools, classrooms, clubs, service groups and other nonprofit organizations may apply for a YAR grant up to and including $1,000.

YAR grants are awarded to projects that:

  • Are planned, led and implemented by youth with adults serving as advisors
  • Address a community need or problem clearly and creatively 
  • Can be started and finished by the same group of youth in a reasonable amount of time
  • Have solid, well-organized plans and a realistic, cost-effective budget
  • Create and utilize networks within the community through the donation of services, talents and materials
  • Publicize the positive work being done by youth to improve Racine County
  • Include reflection activities that help youth gain insight into how they can make the world a better place

Each project must have a Sponsoring Organization, which is required to:

  • Assume all liability associated with the project
  • Demonstrate proof of IRS determination of non-profit status
    • If the Sponsoring Organization is a school, provide a letter on school letterhead that lists the district’s state tax exempt number and states that the adult project advisors will ensure that the funds will be used as listed on the grant application.
    • If the Sponsoring Organization is a non-profit, provide the letter from the IRS that identifies the organization as a 501(c)(3). 
  • Complete and submit the Counterterrorism Compliance document
  • Receive and disburse the grant award funds on behalf of the youth group
  • Ensure funds are used as listed on the grant application
  • Return any unused funds in the form of a check payable to United Way of Racine County

Each YAR project budget has three required elements:

  1. Project costs such as supplies, materials, tool rental, transportation, etc.
  2. Reflection costs such as photo developing, stickers, embellishments, etc. Each group is provided a blank reflection book to complete and submit. 
  3. Recognition costs such as certificates for participants, end-of-project celebrations, etc. Recognition costs may total no more than 20% of total project cost.

YAR grants cannot be used to cover:

  • Overhead costs (rent/mortgage payment, electric bills, etc.)
  • Salaries, wages, stipends or honorariums
  • Direct donations to other organizations
  • Capital items (computers, power tools, etc.)
  • Items purchased prior to receiving notification of a YAR grant award for this project
  • Items or supplies that will result in a profit for your group or other groups

Grant Application Process

1. Youth are always the drivers of YAR-funded projects. Adults can offer support and encouragement. 

2. Identify a community need or problem and your youth group's unique solution. 

3. Develop your project plan and budget in alignment with the guidelines listed above. 

4. Submit an online application by the April 22, 2022. Click the button below to get started! 

5. Groups that submit a proposal that meets the guidelines are invited to present their project idea to the YAR board. Presentations will take place at Mitchel School or virtual during the week of May 9, 2022. 

6. The YAR board makes funding recommendations to United Way's Community Investment Committee. Projects approved for funding receive their grant checks approximately 30 days after the application deadline. 

7. Complete your project!

8. Submit your project summary report, reflection book, documentation of expenditures, and any unused funds within 30 days of the completion of your project. 






Questions? Contact Kira Muñoz, Community School Coordinator, at 262-664-1649.