Our Work

United Way’s community impact approach is unique because we not only address people’s immediate needs, but also work towards changing the status quo so that people can avoid challenges in the first place. It is about investing in the foundation as well as the future. Our mission of “mobilizing the caring power of Racine County to improve lives and transform our community” is accomplished through three community impact strategies: Community Investment, Community Impact Initiatives and Programs, and Community Engagement.

Community Investment

United Way funds programs that take action, provide effective services and achieve measurable results. All funded programs must align with United Way's education, income and health outcomes.

  • Ensuring that children and youth achieve their potential though education.
  • Preparing individuals and families to become financially stable and independent.
  • Helping individuals achieve maximum physical, emotional and mental health and safety.

Education is essential to getting and keeping a job with a livable wage and health benefits. An adequate income is needed to pay for today’s necessities and save for the future. Access to quality health care keeps children on track in school and adults productive at work. United Way funds a wide range of services, from basic needs to emergency assistance to skill development, in order to make sure everyone has an opportunity for a better life. Thousands of Racine County residents benefit from the nearly 50 funded programs each year.

Community Impact Initiatives and Programs

No individual or organization can solve our community’s problems alone. United Way brings together community stakeholders, contributors and agency partners to create collaborative and innovative approaches to community issues around education, income and health. Our most notable initiatives are the Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization (HALO), Advancing Family Assets, and Schools of Hope.


Community Engagement

United Way authentically engages the community by hosting “kitchen table style” Community Conversations, on an ongoing basis. The conversations allow us to connect with the community and learn the aspirations, hopes and concerns of members of the local community. In addition to hosting Community Conversations, United Way is committed to staying abreast of the state of the community by researching and publishing a Community Indicators Report that includes education, income and health related data on Racine County.


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