Our Work

United Way of Racine County is a community impact organization. Our approach is unique because we not only address people’s immediate needs, but also work towards changing the status quo so that people can avoid challenges in the first place. It is about investing in the foundation as well as the future. Our mission of “mobilizing the caring power of Racine County to improve lives and transform our community” is currently accomplished through three community impact strategies: Community Investment, Community Impact Initiatives and Programs, and Community Engagement.

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It is our responsibility to our community and donors to maximize our community impact. To do this, we have decided to focus our efforts on a specific issue that is important to our community in order to make the greatest impact. At the 2015 Annual Meeting on March 25, United Way announced that the single-issue focus will be Building an Educated Workforce. United Way will remain committed to the building blocks for a good quality of life—education, income and health—and employ specific strategies in each of these areas to address the overall issue. United Way will also continue to rely on and grow powerful partnerships to fill critical service gaps in the community.

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