YAR History

The Youth As Resources model was conceived in the mid-1980s by the National Crime Prevention Council with the idea that young people who feel invested in and valued by their community are less likely to commit crimes against their community. Youth As Resources recognizes youth as valuable resources and engages them as partners with adults in bringing about positive community change.

The Youth As Resources model is based on three core principles:

  • Youth-adult partnerships
  • Grantmaking
  • Youth-led service

Youth As Resources began in Racine County in 1996. Original funders include United Way of Racine County, the S.C. Johnson Fund, Racine County, the Racine Community Foundation, and private individuals. Since 1996, Youth As Resources has funded 411 community service projects totaling $278,000.

Since 2007, Youth As Resources has operated as an investment committee of United Way of Racine County. The YAR board’s funding recommendations are approved by United Way of Racine County’s Community Investment Committee. United Way of Racine County provides Youth As Resources with office and meeting space, supplies, support staff, grant dollars, and financial management.