YAR Board

The Youth As Resources board is responsible for screening grant applications, viewing project presentations, and making funding recommendations. Board members also attend project site visits, participate in board service projects, and represent YAR at community events.

The YAR board is comprised of youth and adults from Racine County and represents the community's diversity. 75 percent of the board members and board officers are youth under age 24. The individuals best suited to be YAR board members are young people and adults who understand the value of youth involvement in the community and are willing to work as partners to achieve the work of the board.

2016-17 Youth As Resources Board Officers








Youth board co-chair—Michael Pucci, Case High School
Youth board co-chair—John Olson, Walden III Middle/High School
Adult co-chair—Pam Oksiuta (not pictured)
Secretary—Joey Pucci, Case High School

Youth Board Members

Sarah Busey, St. Catherine's High School
Sovereign Olson, Walden III Middle/High School
Jonathon Campbell, Case High School
Nathan Haigh, St. Catherine's Middle School
Ryan Fodor, The REAL Middle School
Ryan Halverson, Case High School
Laney Peterson, John Paul II Academy
Madison Prunty, Case High School
Jacob Romanski, Walden III Middle/High School
Shane Smiley, The Prairie School
Sophia Torosian, Park High School
Brian Wakefield, Union Grove High School
Moya Zaleski, The Prairie School
Adult Board Members
Mavis Rohling
Tony Kinnard