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Unveiling the 2018 Community Indicators Report

United Way of Racine County’s 2018 Community Indicators Report is now live and available to be viewed at This report continues a 16-year practice of publishing a biennial report to share the state of the Racine County community with respect to indicators of success in health, education, and financial stability.

The majority of indicators illustrate positive change for Racine County; to name just a few strides for the community, Part I crime is at an all-time low, the percent of the population living below the poverty rate is declining, and graduation rates are rising. However, across nearly all data, segments of our community are falling behind. People of color—especially Black people—are experiencing disproportionately high barriers to thriving. Factors such as higher infant mortality rates and suspension rates create a ripple effect of obstacles for households of color that impacts all indicators of future success. For instance, a sobering 71 percent of Black households do not earn enough money to attain financial stability.

To learn more about these indicators in Racine County, you can read the Community Indicators Report online at