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United Way of Racine County Praised for Community Conversations Work

RACINE — The head of United Way Worldwide on Wednesday praised United Way of Racine County as one of the “most effective community impact organizations” in the country.
During a keynote speech at an international conference in Orlando, CEO Brian Gallagher highlighted the work United Way of Racine County continues to do gathering groups of citizens together each year to discuss issues that matter most to them.
“People wanted those conversations. They needed a place and an organization they could trust to bring them together,” Gallagher said.
During the past year, United Way of Racine County has convened dozens of citizen groups throughout Racine County to discuss the topic of race and equity, at a time, Gallagher noted, when communities across the U.S. needed those conversations. United Way of Racine County has been holding Community Conversations since 2013, and the effort has been an important focus of President Rodney Prunty’s since coming to Racine.
“I appreciate Brian's encouraging words and am extremely proud of the hard work the team has put into bringing our community together to have courageous conversations,” Prunty said. “United Way of Racine County, with its partners, is committed to building bridges in Racine County.”
Later this summer, United Way of Racine County will host author Tiffany Jana, who will be the keynote speaker during the annual Community Conversations event when the organization reports its findings from the past year’s conversations.
As United Way of Racine County celebrates its 95th anniversary, the organization continues to find new ways to engage businesses and individuals to involve them in their effort to build an educated workforce. In 2016, community donors contributed close to $5 million to United Way of Racine County’s annual fundraising campaign.
In his speech, Gallagher recognized United Way of Racine County, and the community as a whole, for the work they are doing together to fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in Racine County.
“Today United Way of Racine County is seen as one of the most effective community impact, social change organizations in the U.S. It’s in the top 10 percent of per capita giving to any United Way in the United States. Their community supports their work,” Gallagher said.