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Pat Bohon, A Dedicated, Volunteer Leader

Live United Spotlight

Pat Bohon, United Way 2019 Campaign Cabinet Member

Pat Bohon is one of United Way of Racine County's most dedicated supporters. A past board member and current, regular volunteer, his involvement with the organization ranges across a broad swathe of its groups of volunteer leaders. 


What kind of work do you do to support United Way?

I am currently an active member of the United Way Racine County Campaign Cabinet. As a member of the cabinet, I engage business and other community leaders to explain how funds raised during the campaign and through other initiatives are invested to support the United Way strategy of building and maintaining a thriving, inclusive community. Direct contact with area companies and other leadership supporters also generates valuable feedback on how United Way and other partners can drive critical transformative community impact initiatives in the future. 

Previously, I’ve also served on the Board of Directors, on the health investment committee, and as a VITA and Veterans’ Outreach financial education volunteer.


What about United Way drives you to support our work?

One primary reason is the overriding United Way Racine County objective of building and maintaining an educated workforce by implementing clearly defined health, education, and financial sustainability strategies. Another factor is the emphasis on consistently measuring community impact from UWRC investments to gauge progress toward meeting critical indicators of a thriving community. Another compelling reason is the unique position of United Way Racine County to facilitate collaboration to both address community challenges and embrace opportunities.


What inspires you to be involved in supporting the Racine County community at large?

The collective talent, energy, and determination of the residents of Racine County inspires me to be involved in the community at large. Nonprofit organizations working collaboratively can both strengthen our social fabric and create opportunities for all Racine County residents to benefit from a thriving community in future decades.