HALO: Helping people overcome homelessness and gain self-sufficiency

Impact Partner Spotlight


Oct. 19, 2021    A picture of the exterior of HALO

HALO is a nonprofit organization serving those who are experiencing literal homelessness. Its mission is to provide a pathway to self-sufficiency and housing stability for persons experiencing homelessness in Racine County. Its vision is that all people experiencing literal homelessness in Racine County will be provided emergency food, clothing, shelter, transitional and permanent housing and supportive services through a collaborative structure that effectively coordinates services, shares information, increases funding and eliminates duplication and gaps in services. 

What first drew you into the work of HALO?

After meeting a number of people experiencing homelessness during my community outreach work, I was drawn to helping them. I came to realize that homelessness doesn't define people; it's just a temporary condition caused by many different factors. HALO walks alongside people during this difficult time in their lives, providing resources, support and encouragement as they work towards self-sufficiency and a place they can call home.

How has HALO adapted over time — whether that's in the last year due to the pandemic, or since its start as an organization?

HALO has grown over our 16 years from a high-barrier shelter to a shelter that accepts everyone no matter where they are in their journey to recovery and self-sufficiency. We have expanded to add more programming for our clients to help them meet their educational, financial and health needs and goals. While COVID-19 has presented huge challenges, we have worked through them to make sure that we could continue to provide emergency shelter for everyone who wants it.

Can you share a story about a moment you saw your work leave a positive impact in someone's life?

We have had a number of clients who successfully achieved self-sufficiency and housing stability and returned to HALO to help others in their struggle. One that is fresh in my mind is F.P. F.P. was a HALO client for many years. After successfully moving into housing, F.P. was elected to sit on the HALO Board of Directors; his experience with homelessness helped us understand what was important to our clients as we developed our new strategic plan. F.P. often addressed organizations and donors on our behalf. He spoke honestly about moving from homelessness to being housed, from despair to hope and finally to success. Sadly, he recently passed after an illness, and we miss him terribly. But before he passed, he was able to complete is goal of earning his degree, something that would not have been possible without HALO.

What is some of the impact HALO has brought to the community in its lifespan?

HALO has been responsible for bringing countless men, women and children off the streets, helping them navigate their way out of homelessness and into housing stability and giving them the resources they need to change their lives.

Holly Anderle is the executive director of HALO.