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The Coordinator Behind Johnson Outdoors' Campaign

Live United Spotlight 

Mary Biesack, Johnson Outdoors' Employee Campaign Coordinator 

What first inspired your belief in United Way's work? 

The fact that my donation supports a number of agencies within the Racine community.

How do you support United Way, and why is this important to you?

I am the ECC for Johnson Outdoors. The Johnson Outdoors team plans fun events to get employees interested in supporting United Way. Many are various food events, such as a Nacho Lunch and a Grill Out. We also coordinate an event with Johnson-Keland and The Johnson Foundation. This past campaign, each group had a team, and we played Pictionary. These events are a good way to get information out about United Way and its impact on our community. 

How have you seen United Way transform Racine County in your time as a supporter?

The emphasis on childhood reading with programs such as Imagination Library and Schools of Hope. The positive impact of the LIFT program on Knapp Elementary and the implementation of the program at Julian Thomas in the coming year.