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Before Campaign

Before Campaign How-To

1. Get Prepared
Work with your United Way representative to set goals, discuss ways to communicate the message, create a buzz, and incorporate fun activities that add momentum to your campaign.

2. Recruit and Train a Campaign Team
You don’t have to do it alone. Having representatives from each department can be very effective. This team can help in all stages of the campaign: planning, promoting awareness, and distributing and collecting materials.

3. Enlist Management Support
Leaders lead. The support of your president or CEO, management team, and/or labor leaders is crucial.

4. Identify Campaign Elements
Meet with your committee early and often to discuss goals, communication strategies, incentives, and special events.

Before Campaign How-To Details


Before Campaign Resources

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Campaign Timeline and Checklist

Campaign Planning Worksheet

Sample Leadership Letter to Employees
Unions can modify this letter to use too!