AFA Strategies

AFA Strategies

INCOME - Establishing connections between families and  mainstream economy

  • In order for families to fully participate in the mainstream economy, households must have adequate income to support all family members.
  • Family income may come from jobs or accessing benefits to which they are entitled.
  • Families must also be able to build and protect their assets through increased financial literacy skills and maintaining their assets of home or vehicle.

EDUCATION - Advancing individual’s potential for academic/vocational success

  • Adults and children need to continue to gain knowledge and skills that ultimately lead to productive lives. All children need positive preschool and after school experiences while adults may participate in training programs.
  • Family members get connected  to local educational resources.

HEALTH - Assisting families in maintaining healthy relationships/lifestyles

  • All members of the family experience success in various aspects of their lives, from school to work to home life, when they build healthy habits and demonstrate positive relationships in the household.
  • Families need to gain new knowledge and skills to develop healthy lifestyles.