AFA Eligibility

AFA Eligibility

Eligible families are those who express interest in improving their lives and participating in AFA, while meeting the following criteria:

  • Family income of less than 200% of the Federal poverty levels guidelines;
  • Family includes at least one child under age 18;
  • Family resides in Racine County; and
  • Head of household must be employed or has worked at some time within the past 12 months.
# in FamilyMaximum Income per month
2$31,460/yr or $2,622/month
3$39,580/yr or $3,298/month
4$47,700/yr or $3,975/month
5$55,820/yr or $4,652/month
6$63,940/yr or $5,328/month
7$71,060/yr or $6,005/month
8$80,180/yr or $6,682/month


For each additional person, add $8,120 or $677/month.

View the AFA Fact Sheet for Families (PDF)

For more information or to refer families, please contact Taneka Golden at 262-456-6467.