Training and Technology Fund

United Way of Racine County is pleased to announce the Training and Technology Fund. The fund, which was made possible through a generous gift from philanthropist and novelist MacKenzie Scott, will provide training and access to technology to local nonprofits in Racine County.

United Way of Racine County’s Training and Technology Fund aims to increase the efficiency, capacity, professionalism and impact of local nonprofits and their staff and boards. The fund’s grants provide training for staff and board and access to technology supporting organizational modernization.

This is a competitive fund, and requests that meet requirements are not guaranteed funding. United Way of Racine County reserves the right to adjust the fund structure at any time.

The United Way of Racine County (UWRC) Training and Technology Fund is made possible through the generosity of MacKenzie Scott.

See the slides from the June 4, 2021 fund overview meeting. Note that the content of the slides was accurate as of June 2021. See for current information. 

The fund is available to Racine County-serving nonprofits with priority given to currently funded impact partners. To be eligible to apply for funds, organization must meet all of the following criteria: 

  • Serves residents of Racine County, WI. 
  • Able to provide (upon request) detailed board-approved budgets and financial reports, including an audit or audited financial statements as required by State of Wisconsin Statute 202.12 (1)(b).
  • Has been legally incorporated for at least six months. 
  • Is tax exempt as described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 
  • Is governed by a voluntary board of directors, which has reviewed and approved the application for funding through the training and technology fund. 
  • Maintains a policy of non-discrimination and equal opportunity, and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. 
  • If currently receiving funds from United Way, be in compliance with all funding agreements, policies and procedures. 

About the application

Application process and fund timeline

Beginning June 2021, requests submitted on or before the last day of the month will be reviewed by United Way’s community investment community (CIC). Notification of funding will be issued by the end of the month of review (applications submitted in May 2021 will be reviewed at the end of June 2021). Grantees are required to submit an end-of-funding report (technology: within 60 days of funding notification; training: within 60 days of completion of training). 

  • There is no minimum amount for training and/or technology fund requests. 
  • Organizations may submit one technology request per year. Technology funding will be awarded at a maximum of up to $25,000 per organization per calendar year. 
  • Organizations may submit multiple training requests in a calendar year; subsequent requests will not be considered if initial award is still in progress. Training requests may include opportunities for individuals, teams and/or full staff/board. Total training funds will be awarded at a maximum of up to $10,000 per organization per calendar year. 
  • Funding is available until the available Training and Technology funds are exhausted. 
  • Funds may be released in a lump sum, or on a reimbursement basis. 
  • UWRC reserves the right to change the focus of the fund at any time.

Non-allowable expenses

  • Funds cannot be used to cover expenses incurred prior to funding notification.
  • Funds cannot be used to supplant existing budgeted items (e.g. existing organization dollars for training and technology cannot be displaced by United Way of Racine County Training and Technology Fund dollars and reallocated for other organizational expenses). 
  • Monthly or annual fees incurred beyond twelve months.
  • Training fund: travel expenses, including transportation, lodging and food/meals. 
  • Salaries/benefits/compensation for staff/board members participating in fund-provided training. 
  • Pass-through purchases (e.g. technology purchased through the fund cannot be given to participants). 

Budget requirements and grant payments

  • Applications with misalignment between the request narrative and request budget will not be considered for funding.
  • All fund requests are required to submit a complete and detailed budget and budget narrative. 
    • Budget details should include quantities, unit costs and calculations.  
  • If the total budget for the project exceeds the amount requested from UWRC, there must be clear documentation of already-secured additional funding sources to cover the difference.  
  • Requests may include quotes/estimates and/or brochures/registration details if you feel it will strengthen your proposal. Such materials can be submitted via email attachment in response to your confirmation email after successful application form submission. 
  • Requests should demonstrate thorough planning that will result in successful implementation (e.g. a clear plan for purchase, installation/set up, etc.). 
  • Technology grants are on a reimbursement basis. Reimbursement requests require a paid invoice that demonstrates the technology has been purchased/installed/set up. Technology requests for reimbursement must be submitted within 60 days of funding notification or funds will be forfeited. 

Application review

The review process is conducted by United Way staff, board members and community investment committee volunteers. Incomplete applications, applications that do not meet the eligibility requirements, and applications with misalignment between the request narrative and request budget will not be considered for funding. Compliance with requirements for other United Way funds will be considered when reviewing requests for the Training and Technology Fund.  

The vice president-finance and administration is responsible for monitoring expenditures from the Training and Technology Fund and reporting them in the monthly financial reports to the board.

All requests are reviewed and monitored by CIC. Expenditures from the UWRC Training and Technology Fund shall be approved as follows:

  • Requests up to $10,000 are approved by the president, board chair, and vice chair-community investment or CIC.
  • Requests for more than $10,000 are approved by CIC and either executive committee or board of directors.


The Training Fund is designed to provide nonprofit organizations that serve Racine County with training for organization staff and board members. Such trainings should provide staff professional growth and/or board development, improve processes and efficiencies, and further the organization’s ability to achieve their mission and deepen impact. 

Examples of allowable training expenses include but are not limited to: 

  • Conference registration
  • Online or in-person classes
  • Single-session and/or series courses
  • Skill-specific training

Examples of non-allowable training expenses include but are not limited to: 

  • Travel, lodging, food for conference participants
  • Tuition for a degree program
  • Non-required supplemental supplies (e.g. pens and notebooks)

The Technology Fund is designed to provide nonprofit organizations in Racine County with technology for use by organization staff/volunteers to increase proficiency, efficiency, deepen impact. Examples of allowable technology expenses include but are not limited to: 

  • Computers, laptops, software, databases, warranties on said purchases, associated labor/installation/set up costs

Applicants are strongly encouraged, but not mandated, to consult with a reputable IT firm to explore and understand the technology solutions best suited to meet their organization’s needs. Applicants may select the firm(s) of their choosing. The following local firms are familiar with United Way of Racine County’s Training and Technology Fund and offer free, no obligation IT needs assessment. 

AMI Information Systems
Contact name: Joe Grauwels, Director of Sales/Marketing
Contact email:
Contact phone: (262) 886-4170
Business website:

CCB Technology
Contact name: Alicia Schmitz
Contact email:
Contact phone: (262) 504-5563
Business website:

In-House Information Systems, Inc.
Contact name: Kim House
Contact email:
Contact phone: (262) 939-0401
Business website: n/a

Apply for funding

This application must be completed in one sitting. Progress cannot be saved. If you navigate away from the application while in progress, you will need to begin again. If you wish to prepare your answers in advance, you can download the fund application information as a Word doc or PDF for reference.

The fund uses two distinct applications: one for training requests and one for technology requests. Applicants may make multiple requests on the same application if applying for multiple distinct pieces of technology (e.g. a laptop and a printer) or for multiple training opportunities (e.g. 2 staff attending Excel training and 1 staff attending a conference). In that case, applicants should be diligent that the application narratives are clear and easy to follow for each component of the request. 

All applications begin with the same eligibility screening questions, organization information, fiscal agent information, general questions, and terms and conditions. 

Note: The fund information (linked above) and the budget template (linked below) were updated in late October 2021. Applicants are responsible for ensuring they use current guidelines and templates.

Submitting Your Budget and 501(c)3 

After submitting your application, you will need to separately provide a complete and detailed budget training/technology budget including sources, quantities, unit costs and calculations, as well as your organization or fiscal agent's proof of IRS determination of 501(c)3 status.

Please download our budget template to fill out. Other budget forms will not be considered for review.

When you receive your automated confirmation email after submitting your application, please immediately attach your budget and 501(c)3 status as a response.

How to download budget template/fund application information:

  • Click on the link to start the download.
  • If the file does not automatically download, right click on it and select "save as..." then follow the instructions.

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Reporting requirements

Grantees are required to submit a report at this page within 60 days of the completion of the training and/or purchase of technology. Additional reporting requirements may be stipulated in funding agreement. Late and/or incomplete reports will negatively impact the organization’s eligibility for future United Way of Racine County funding. Information included in this report will be shared with United Way staff, board and community investment volunteers, and may also be included in United Way reports, media and publications, including the impact report to MacKenzie Scott. 

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