Advancing Family Assets

Advancing Family Assets (AFA) uses a family success coaching model to help local families reach goals in the areas of income, education and health. During their 9 - 12 month involvement in AFA, each family works with a coach to focus on their best possible futures:

  • adults get jobs or better jobs
  • families manage their money better
  • young children are ready to succeed in Kindergarten
  • kids do better in school and participate in afterschool activities
  • family members learn to get along with each other
  • all family members practice healthy lifestyles

Ultimately, adults will be prepared to succeed in the workplace and students will graduate ready to enter the workforce or post-secondary education without remediation. AFA helps give families chances for success. When families succeed, our community thrives.

Beginning in 2016, AFA will focus its efforts on the 53403 and 53405 zip codes and be integrated with the new Community School model. Two coaches will work to enroll families from the Knapp Elementary School zone with potential for expansion along with the Community Schools model. For more information, please contact United Way at 262-898-2240.