Creating Positive Change for 95 Years

Let that number sink in. That’s how much this community has raised collectively over 95 years. 
It all began in 1922, when H.F. Johnson Sr. of S.C. Johnson and Son convened a group of business leaders to start what would eventually become United Way of Racine County. They knew that together they had far greater power to create positive change than any of them had individually.
That principle guides us to this day. After 95 years, WE continue to create positive change throughout Racine County. 
For 95 years, United Way of Racine County has been engaged in what we call “community impact” work. We consider ourselves a community impact organization for a few reasons, mainly because the work we’re doing has a profound effect on the community as a whole, but also because the work we’re doing wouldn’t be possible without the community’s support.
Thanks to the tireless efforts of thousands of volunteers, incredible corporate partners, and the many dedicated partner agencies, United Way of Racine County has touched hundreds of thousands of lives in the community. We’re excited to celebrate our 95th anniversary and the prospect of the community coming together around our shared goal of Building an Educated Workforce.
As we celebrate 95 years of working together to make Racine County the best community it can be, we invite you to learn more about the work we’re doing.